Some reflections from the check-in on Friday morning

I could not capture what everyone said…

Andres: I love this community. So much energy.

Dani: Get so much more out of this conf than others.

Lizzie: Want to work with Oz faculty about incorporating SJ themes.

Juan: I have invited

Lizzie to come Colorado and talk to us. Also exited about this exercise about privilege.

Jen: Exited about all the interesting people.

Jon: Grateful, I’ve learned so much in these days. Sad when it will be over.

Mathew: Feeling practical. Wondering how themes from conversations here can be integrated to the wider engineering stream.

Dean: Not looking forward to going back and plug in the normal academic routine. This is the best conference.

Caroline: Sad to see all my friends going. Hopeful to see what we can do at a distance. Exited about that we are doing this exercise.