Toward a Critical Praxis for Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace

Format: Workshop
Facilitators: Donna Riley and Katy Haralampides
Affiliations: Smith College, US and University of New Brunswick, Canada
Abstract: How can a small, loosely organized, widely distributed group take action on engineering, social justice and peace? This interactive workshop will draw on the expertise within our community to share collective and individual strategies for action, and plan future actions that might connect us more strongly with existing social justice movements while making visible our concerns at the intersection of engineering and social justice. We will explore collective and individual participation in actions organized by other groups whose aims we support as well as actions or work trips we might undertake as ESJP. We will develop mechanisms for mutual support for struggles with which we engage individually in our local settings in academe, government, industry, or other locales, and brainstorm avenues for amplifying these efforts.