ESJP 2010

The Sixth Annual International Conference, organised by Caroline Baillie and co-hosted with the Royal Society of Arts and Manufacture in London from August 4th to 6th 2010 in collaboration with the Higher Education Academy Engineering Subject Centre and Engineers Against Poverty.

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The agenda


12noon-1pm: Engineering, social justice and peace: the basics and the beginnings (Workshop)
1-2: Access to Engineering Education (Panel)
2-3: Engineering Education 1: Critical lenses, Critical thinking and Critical reflection (Panel)
3.30-4.30: The Earth as Communion of Subjects (Workshop)
4.30-5.30: Towards a critical praxis of engineering, social justice and peace (Workshop)
5.30: Garden discussion
6.00-7.00: Transformative social justice workshops for engineering educators (Workshop)
7.00pm: Dinner accompanied by Pete Christie, singer songwriter (Pete’s latest newsletter)


9.30am-10.30am Service learning: in the service of social justice? (Panel)
11.00-12.00noon: Engineering Education 2: Sustainability and social responsibility: Assessing engineering students’ consideration of context (Workshop)
1.00-2.00: Reconceptualising engineers and engineering practice (Panel)
2-3: Visualising our future (Workshop)
3-3.30: Tea and garden discussion
3.30-5.30: Approaches to an engineering practice which is socially just (Panel)
6-8.30pm: RSA Fellows networking event with special guest Phil Ball


9am-10am: Dealing with racism (Workshop)
10-11: A historical reflection of engineering practice in the lens of social justice (Panel)
11-11.30: Coffee and garden discussion
11.30-12.30pm: Moving into the Cosmos (Workshop)
12.30-1: Summing up

The full schedule is also available in pdf form.