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Here is a link to the Queens University course on Engineering and Social justice – please feel free to use it in your University.
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Equity and Social Justice in Education conference
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Maths and Social Justice
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Ingenieros Sin Fronteras Colombia
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Do Schools Kill Creativity?
The Shock Doctrine Short Film

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Democracy Now!

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Linus Pauling
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Norbert Wiener

Recommended Books
Kirkup, Gill, Linda Janes, & Kathryn Woodward. The Gendered Cyborg – brings together material from a variety of disciplines that analyze the relationship between gender and technoscience, and the way that this relationship is represented through ideas, language and visual imagery.

The University of Maine at Orono’s Collection for Engineering, Social Justice and Peace (Fogler Library ESJP Collection)

Today, when respectable discourse still requires euphemistic substitutes for “capitalism,” it is difficult to remember that this term was itself a euphemism of sorts, a polite and dignified substitute for greed, extortion, coercion, domination, exploitation, plunder, war and murder. This was the list of grievances compiled by the Luddites in their heroic defense of society. Machine-breaking was simply a strategy and a tactic for correcting these violations of morality and humanity, violations that were later obscured by myths of the market and technological progress.
~David F. Noble, In Defense of Ludism (Progress without People, 1993)

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.
~Martin Luther King Jr. (Strength to Love, 1963)

My role as a progressive teacher is not only that of teaching mathematics or biology but also of helping the students to recognize themselves as the architects of their own cognition process.
~Paulo Freire (Pedagogy of Freedom)