ESJP 2016 Call for Papers

Annual Conference of the International Network of Engineering, Social Justice and Peace
Copenhagen, Denmark
10-12 August 2016

Call for Contributions

The Centre for Design and Innovation for Sustainable Transitions at
Aalborg University in Copenhagen (Denmark)

is honoured to host the meeting with the following themes:

· Sustainability, Social Justice and Peace: Sustainability has been on the policymaking agenda since Rio 1992 and has now regained visibility with the replacement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet in this 23-year span, sustainability efforts have fallen short of including social justice and peace, and especially considering the role of engineers in this inclusion. We invite contributions that shed light on how engineers and engineering can contribute to the SDGs particularly emphasizing aspects of social justice and peace.

· Migration and Refugees Crises: The last two years have seen sharp increases in the number of migrants and refugees fleeing from human conflict and extreme natural events (e.g., war in Syria, ethnic cleansing in Sudan, the mining disaster in Minas Gerais, Brasil, or the earthquake in Nepal). These crises pose humanitarian challenges of immediate response and long-term solutions. We invite contributions addressing the causes of the crises as well as their solutions, emphasizing the role that engineers and engineering can play in bringing social justice and peace to these challenges.

· Other topics that address the intersection of engineering and social justice/peace, including militarism and war, energy and environment, food and water systems, transportation infrastructure, bio/nano/info technologies, community engagement initiatives, engineering education for social justice/peace, and others.

Across all themes we encourage contributions that speak to root causes of social injustice – for example, capitalism, militarism, racism, colonialism, and xenophobia figure prominently in the themes selected for this year’s conference. Whether the contribution focuses on analysis of injustice or in developing strategies for building a more just world, keeping root causes at the center can ensure that social justice is addressed directly.

Format: Interactive presentations, workshops, and other activities emphasizing audience engagement. We encourage participants to use active participatory methodologies with minimal use of projected slideshow presentations (e.g., Power Point, Keynote, or similar). We encourage active dialogue, discussion, and collective elaboration of presentation themes.

Proposals for participation should include a title, names and affiliations of contributors, the proposed contribution format (e.g., interactive presentation, roundtable, workshop, performance, other), and an abstract not longer than 300 words.

Deadline for submissions: 30 March 2016

Full papers are not required for participation in the conference. However, we invite interested participants to submit full papers for publication consideration in the International Journal of Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace. Submissions received by 11 July 2016 will be reviewed before the conference by the Journal’s editors, who will be available at the conference to discuss your submission.

Organizers: Andrés Valderrama and Ulrik Jørgensen
Center for Design and Innovation for Sustainable Transitions
Aalborg University – Copenhagen Campus
A C Meyers Vænge 15, Copenhagen SV 2450, Denmark