ESJP 2015: Day 2

Day 2 continued on with the second and final day of presentations. One of which featured the imaginative and creative demonstration that encapsulated Dr Andrew Brightman’s empathy research at Purdue University. 

Dr Brightman’s demonstration asked audience members to identify the sensual experience of various interactions, like the sensations of eating a blueberry. By thinking deeply about their sensory perceptions, audience members could think about the common perceptions others might have had.

For lunch and dinner, participants dined on wonderful boricuan plates. The pastel featured below had a tasty yuca outside with a delicious chicken or pork stuffing.

Conference participants also had the privilege to visit the experimental station at the UPR-Mayagüez campus that is unique in a U.S. context. The experimental station features plant research that is only possible in the tropical climate of Puerto Rico. Suffice it to say, the plants here are beautiful and unique.   One of the trees growing at the station produced a beautiful flower with an equally beautiful fragrance.

Stay tuned for the final blog post about Day 3.