Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace (ESJP) is a network of academics, practitioners, and students in a range of disciplines related to engineering, social justice, and peace. Our approach works toward engineering practices that enhance gender, racial, class, and cultural equity and are democratic, non-oppressive, and non-violent. We seek to better understand the relationships between engineering practices and the contexts that shape those practices, with the purpose of promoting local-level community empowerment through engineering problem solving, broadly conceived.

Shared Commitments
A more detailed statement on our shared commitments is here.

Anyone is welcome to join us who shares our values and commitments and is willing to participate in the work before us. ESJP is managed by a coordinating committee, which, among other responsibilities, oversees our annual international conference series (2018 in San Diego, California).

For general inquiries, contact Randika Jayasinghe, the ESJP secretary at randika[at]esjp.org.
For inquiries concerning this website, contact our webteam at webteam[at]esjp.org.